OK Line

Homologation 31/CH/20

KZ Line

DR01-B SH (Shifter)
Homologation 31/CH/20


DR-C28 B
Homologation CSAI02/CH/14


With the Ricciardo Kart Baby, a six-year old can already join the track to get used to straights and driving techniques.
The chassis is made with 25 mm tubes, adopts aluminium hubs, HQ disk carriers and crown carriers.
The DR-B 25 BABY model includes the 2t 50 cc motor while the brake system is mechanical with 200 mm disks.


DR01–B DD2 Rotax

The frame for the DD2 Rotax category, well established and victorious, has been updated in some parts to make it always more suitable for this specific engine and to allowing further improve driving and the performance.
All the “Racing” karts 2017 will have new 2017 RICCIARDO livery as series and the new front pods mod.505 very captivating and more aerodynamic as attached.



Compared to the 2016 version, the DR-AR28 has been revised and will have as main characteristic the adjustment of the rear in three different positions. It will have as series the new ‘C’ of spindles for housing the eccentric bushing for a better adjustment of camber & caster as in the ‘Racing’ models.



Frame with mixed tubes of diameter 28mm and 30mm, the main characteristic of the DR-AM29Y is the possibility of the wheel base adjustment in the position 1020 – 1030 – 1040mm. this allow an important versatility of this kart to its better adaptability to different categories , especially to the ones with very low power and medium - hard tires.